The San Patricios Battalion

Before this class, I had no idea who the San Patricios were, or what their significance to Mexico might have been but after watching the clips, it is clear to see that the San Patricios were a battalion whose help during the U.S.-Mexican war is greatly appreciated and still honored to this day. What I found to be most interesting about the clips is the mix of culture that you would not otherwise expect to be mixed. The second clip is a display of folks in Mexico using Irish instruments to play a Mexican folk song that is honor of the Irish soldiers who fought for the side of Mexico in the U.S.-Mexico war on the day of an Irish holiday. I find this fusion of culture to be very strange and particular but very interesting and find it to be an example of solidarity among those who were not seen fit to be citizens of the growing U.S. As the U.S. grew, the definition of who was “truly” allowed to be a U.S. citizen was limited to those who were WASPs. This meant that though Irish immigrants in the U.S. were white, they were still cast out for being Catholics who were also the victims of discrimination like Mexicans. Because of the backlash that folks like the Irish received living in the U.S., it is reasonable to understand why they would have fought for Mexico in the war, as strange as it may seem from a surface level.



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